The High School Graduate's Final Exam


Fifty Questions a Graduating Senior Should Be Able to Answer

Get Out Your Pencils,If You Dare,Future Graduates!

            See how much you've absorbed from your studies!  
            Don't use a computer,reference books OR CALCULATOR!
            Each correct answer is worth 2 points; mark your
            answers on a sheet of paper. You can click on the
            correct answers at the bottom of the page to check 
            your answers.

            Your score should be no less than 90 -- good luck!

    1. What is the capital of the United States?
    2. How many states are in the United States?
    3. How many letters are in our alphabet?
    4. How many planets in our solar system?
    5. What planet is the "3rd Rock From the Sun"?
    6. What are the names of THREE of the planets in our solar system? 
    7. What was the name of the first man?
    8. If you divide 1 by 1,what is the answer?
    9. If you divide 1 by 0,what is the answer?
   10. If you multiply 1 by 1,what is the answer?
   11. If you subtract -1 from +1,what is the answer?
   12. If you add -1 to +1,what is the answer?
   13. What are the letters "a,e,i,o and u" called?
   14. What is a unicycle?
   15. The United States is on which continent?
   16. What part of the body has a pupil,cornea and iris?
   17. How many minutes in a day?
   18. How many feet in a mile?
   19. What is one-tenth of 1000?
   20. How many quarts in a gallon?
   21. Which is greater: 1/4 or 1/5?
   22. What person's image is on a penny?
   23. What state is between Arizona and Texas?
   24. What is the first book of the Old Testament?
   25. What is the last book of the New Testament?
   26. Which is heavier: a pound of feathers,or a pound of iron?
   27. Who was our first president?
   28. What is the capital of Texas? 
   29. If your car gets 20 MPG,how far will it go on 15 gallons of gas?
   30. What does "MPH" mean? (Your first ticket will explain it!)
   31. How many zeros are in one million? 
   32. If you get a $500 loan at 10% interest,what will the total payoff be?
   33. If my grocery bill is $7.13,and I give the checker a $20 bill,two $1
       bills,and a 25-cent piece,what will be my change?  
   34. What is the purpose of the directional signals on your car? 
   35. What is the cost of NOT wearing your seat belt?
   36. How many weeks in a year?
   37. How do you write a capital "Q" in longhand?
   38. Whose face appears on a one-dollar bill?
   39. If I said,"Guess how many nickels I have in my pocket,and I'll give
       you both of them" -- what would be your guess?
   40. Which state's abbreviation is "MI"?
   41. What is "H2o"?
   42. Who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington,D.C.?
   43. How many donuts in a "baker's dozen"?
   44. What is the number of sides in a rectangle?
   45. How do you find the circumference of a circle?
   46. What is the name given to the value "3.14"?
   47. What does the "N" stand for on a compass?
   48. What is the temperature at which water will freeze?
   49. What is the temperature at which water will boil?
   50. How much is "four score and seven"?

These are questions that a GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR should KNOW!

Here's your chance to grade yourself on what you've absorbed in all your
academic years!